Main Street Living History


The concept for Main Street Living was conceived in July of 2001. The original idea, discussed over coffee, was to telecast a local Lutheran Church service. Because the cost would be more than one congregation thought they could support, the idea grew to one involving the Lutheran churches around Sioux Falls and finally to include the entire South Dakota District of the Lutheran Church -Missouri Synod.

In the final format the Lutheran Hour Ministries program “On Main Street” was included. This led to the current program title of “Main Street Living.” An initial financial grant from Aid Association for Lutherans allowed for the purchase of editing equipment. Finally an editing studio was equipped and a contract for the air time approved. The South Dakota District approved production of the program, but did not accept financial responsibility. Main Street Living is a 501 (c)(3), not for profit organization. Main Street Living is operated entirely by volunteers. There are over 100 individuals that work over 4,000 hours per year to produce the program.

The initial program was aired on January 6, 2002. Rev. Vernon Schindler, president of the South Dakota District officiated the first program telecast.

The program features an area pastor leading an abbreviated worship service with the confession, absolution, scripture lessons, hymns, creed and sermon. This segment is specifically designed for the hospital, nursing home, at home individuals and the home bound individual.

The Main Street Choir provides the music. This choir is composed of area musicians from many area churches.

In March of 2008, a new opening segment, Kid’s Crossing, was introduced. Bob Portice served the program host. Two puppets, Simon and Bernice, set the stage for the general theme of each program. Miss Tina then read and commented on letters from children and provided advice to the children from a Christian point of view. Grandma B read stories that advanced the weekly theme, and then Krista Kay, the roving time travel reporter, would report historical stories with Bible era individuals. Each episode featured a memory verse from the Bible to highlight the theme for the day. The program was produced in cooperation with the Sioux Falls Lutheran School and their choirs provided music for the program.

In 2012, Kid’s Crossing went back into production. We now follow the Concordia Publishing House’s “Growing in Christ” Sunday School program. Our goal is to bring each Sunday School lesson to life through four short segments that expand on the theme of each lesson. Janitor Bob still hosts the program and opens and closes each program. Miss Lisa, introduces the theme with a group of puppets, each with their own personality. Miss Susan, the church Librarian then reads a story, many times an Arch Book that further develops the theme. Pastor Pay then wraps up the lesson with a Pastor’s unique insights. Finally Nurse Stacy, the Parish Nurse, gives a practical application that usually gets the kids up and active. The new Kid’s Crossing is designed, and is ideal to use, as the basis for a Sunday School class. It will run 30 minutes, and can teach the lesson for a teacher while leaving additional time for crafts or additional teaching. This program is currently being used by congregations in several states, and is easily accessed on the internet through You Tube or on the Main Street Living web site.

In 2017 Main Street Living North began their own production and broadcasting to the eastern half of North Dakota and western half of northern Minnesota.